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Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Hellenic Education and Culture program of our parish is to instill in our children and young adults the spiritual, moral and cultural values of our Greek Orthodox heritage so that they may be exemplary American citizens and faithful members of our Holy Orthodox Church.

Through our parish Greek American School, we aim to instruct our youth in the Greek Orthodox faith and worship, the history and civilization of their ancestors, the modern Greek language and life in contemporary Greece. Students thus internalize their ancestral cultural experiences and learn to appreciate the values of the Greek Orthodox heritage and traditions.

The former Archbishop Iakovos stated "The Greek language survived since ancient times because it had something unique to offer the world. It was the message that captured the imaginations of other peoples...If we think of the language as the means which will identify us as the descendants of the ancient Greeks and if we feel we owe to America something more than business or even theological contributions, the Greek language can survive, it can be taught. But if we reduce language only to a means of communication, the Greek language will survive only among Greek neighborhoods. But if we believe the Greek language can continue to communicate ideas and thoughts and poetry and art and music, it will survive."

"The phenomenon of Hellenism is unique in the world. There is no other "ism" which has commanded so much admiration and praise for so many centuries of human history. The is no other word in the collected pool of language which co notates so much idealism, perfection, arête (virtue) beauty and excellence. There is no other "ism" in history which so enflamed idealistic hearts and minds to sacrifice their lives for ANOTHER'S CAUSE as did thousands of Phil Hellenes in the Greek War of Independence.

"This is because there is no other "ism" to which we all feel members and inheritors regardless of race, creed, religion, or national origin.

"The British poet Percy B. Shelley stated it oh, so eloquently: "Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts, have their roots in Greece.  We are all Greeks."