Philoptochos Launches "Shopping for Seniors"

Philoptochos is proud to offer

"Shopping for Seniors"



In this most difficult times, we must find a way to support all those we love and those who need help around us. 
Philoptochos is proud to offer "Shopping for Seniors" . This new Initiative will provide a service for our elderly or for those immuno-compromised who cannot leave their homes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and who don't have anyone to help them shop. 
Our Volunteers will pick up  groceries or medications and will drop at your front door. If you or anyone you know needs this service, please reach out to our coordinators.
Here is how it will work...
Once you contact the coordinator, they will give you the name of the volunteer who will be contacting you. 
The volunteer will call you and arrange to shop or pick up items for you. They will  arrange a delivery time with you.
If there is a charge for the items being picked up, you are kindly asked to reimburse the volunteer by placing your check in an envelope with volunteers name on it in your mailbox. The volunteer will pick it up once they drop off your items at your door. 
Please be careful to follow the guidance of our officials. Stay safe and stay healthy and pray for the souls of those who have fallen, for a quick recovery of those fighting this virus and for the safety of all those risking their lives to help us through this crisis every day. 
God's blessings to all, 
Stella Baker

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